Volatility Module

How it works

The Volatility Module works by analysing all available trading pairs on your selected exchange, and creating buy signals based on the configuration options given. For instance, a Volatility module can be used to create a strategy that buys any coin that gained at least 3% in the last 5 minutes. This can run as its own strategy, or be paired with a Oscillator & Moving Averages module and/or a Technical Analysis Module. Learn more about how Stacked/Multi-layered Modules work here.

The Volatility Module, in addition to the General Config Options uses two main variables that define the way it works: Price Change and Timeframe


Price Change

This represents the minimum threshold in % that any coin needs to gain before a trade can be triggered. For instance setting it to 5 means that AESIR will check across all coins on the exchange for one that has gained a minimum of 5% within the Timeframe defined below.



The maximum amount of time in which the Price Change happens. This is a rolling window, and if the Price Change is reached before the Timeframe limit, it will still trigger a trade.



Let's say that you want to buy any coin on Binance whose rose by at least 5% in the last 3 minutes. In this scenario, you will set Price Change to and Timeframe to 180. Any coin whose price raises by at least 5% within a 3 minute rolling-window of time would qualify and thus a trade would be placed. The above is just an example, as you will probably need to find a strategy that suits you.